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High Quality Glutathione /L-Glutathione Reduced CAS 70-18-8
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High Quality Glutathione /L-Glutathione Reduced CAS 70-18-8

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  • 70-18-8
  • 70-18-8

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Product Name:
High Quality Glutathione/L-Glutathione Reduced CAS 70-18-8

Product Code:
SY51 Expiration Date:  Two Years


Positive Complies

A White Crystalline Powder Complies

Soluble in water Complies

Specific Optical Rotation
[α]D20:-15.5°~-17.5° -16.6°

Loss On Drying,%
≤0.5  0.46

Ash ,%
≤0.1 0.05

98.0~101.0 98.9
1.L-Glutathione Reduced has elimination function of lipid peroxide and grease resistance to oxidation. And has anti-lipid oxidation. It can also prevent flavor nucleotides (inosinic acid, guanylic acid) food (fish cake, sausages, sauces, etc) lose their fresh flavor nucleotides in decomposing. Besides, it can strengthen the food flavor, and greatly extend the shelf life of food.

2.Add L-Glutathione Reduced into the canned fruit, it can prevent fruit browning; Add to dairy product, it can effectively preventenzymatic and non enzymatic browning.

3.L-Glutathione Reduced can be used as a flavoring agent in various processed foods. It also has the effect of enhancing flavor when added to meat and cheese.

4.L-Glutathione Reduced has the function of protecting the liver, inhibiting formation of fatty liver. Liver protection agent.Owing to its broad spectrum of physiological function, it can be widely used in the food,especially in anti-aging, enhance immune function and anti-tumor functional food base, enhance nutrition, additives and so on.


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