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Zhejiang Multinpharma Co.,LTD was invited to study in Europe
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Zhejiang Multinpharma Co.,LTD was invited to study in Europe

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Chemtrix microchannel reactor and industrial application

From March 12 to March 14, 2018, at the invitation of Dr. Charlotte Wiles, CEO of Chemtrix BV of the Netherlands, Zhejiang Multinpharma Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Juxian Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yizheng Technology Co., Ltd. and its Established and Chemtrix Fudan University Microchannel Continuous Flow Application Technology Joint Laboratory, Zhejiang University of Technology Microchannel Application Technology Joint Laboratory, Zhejiang Taizhou Microchannel Industrialization Exhibition Center to 3M Technical Ceramics The Linz factory in Austria (using the Plantrix microchannel reactor to realize the production of 10,000-ton pharmaceutical intermediates) and Graz University (Europe CC-FLOW project) and other units will conduct study and study.

On March 12, Dr. Roland Richter, Global Business Manager and Technical Consultant of 3M Technical Ceramics in Germany, introduced the Industrial Ceramics Division of 3M Company. Dr. Lahbib Abahmane detailed the entire production process and corresponding advantages of the silicon carbide continuous flow reactor. Introduced and led a study tour to their independent quality inspection department. 3M Company has left a deep impression on the integrated molding process from the ceramic powder to the pressureless sintering of the reaction plate. The scientific and rigorous attitude of the independent quality inspection department and the standardization of the production process ensure that the ceramic reactor has excellent quality.

Established in 1922, 3M Technical Ceramics (formerly ESK Company) has been committed to the production of various special ceramic materials. Among them, the Chemtrix industrial microchannel reactor Plantrix series and Protrix silicon carbide R & D series reactors use the 3M factory's EKasic C-class Ceramics, with their excellent corrosion resistance and heat and mass transfer coefficient, have made great contributions to the industrialization of flow reactors.



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