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MANCOZEB 80% WP Fungicida Fungicida Agria with Cas 8018-01-7
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MANCOZEB 80% WP Fungicida Fungicida Agria with Cas 8018-01-7

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Product Categories:antibacterial agent;Agrochemical;Pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Cas: 8018-01-7
  • MT
  • 8018-01-7
  • 8018-01-7

 High quality and low price Mancozeb 80 % WP 

CAS NO 8018-01-7
Molecular formula C4H6MnN2S4Zn++
Molecular weight: 330.68200
Accurate mass 328.80900
PSA 88.24000
LogP 0.60850
Appearance and character light gray - yellow powder
Melting point 192-194 ° C
Boiling point 308.2 dz at 760 mmHg
Flash 138 ° C
Stability Stable under normal, dry storage conditions
Vapor pressure 0.000692 mmHg at 25 ° C




Function and Applition

Control of many fungal diseases (e.g. blight, leaf spot, rust, downy mildew, scab, etc.) in field crops, fruits, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, etc. Particular uses include control of early and late blights of potatoes and tomatoes; Rhizoctonia solani, and Streptomyces scabies on seed potatoes; leaf spot diseases on celery, cucurbits, beet, berries, and currants; rusts on cereals, vegetables, roses, carnations, asparagus, beans, apples and plums; downy mildews on hops, vines, onions, leeks, lettuce, cucurbits, ornamentals, and tobacco; Gloeodes pomigena, Glomerella, cingulata, Microthyriella rubi, and Physalospora obtusa on apples; scab on apples and pears; sigatoka disease (Cercospora musae) in bananas; shot-hole of stone fruit; anthracnose of beans and cucurbits; damping-off diseases of vegetables; black leg of beet; needle cast in forestry; and many seed-borne diseases of cereals. Used for foliar application or as a seed treatment. Rate: 1.25-5 kg a.i./ha.

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