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2020 flow chemistry technology seminar held in Shenzhen
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2020 flow chemistry technology seminar held in Shenzhen

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 I am honored to be invited to participate as CEO(Chun nian Xia) of Zhejiang Multinpharam Co.,Ltd in the 2020 flow chemistry technology seminar held in Shenzhen, 

 I am also honored to communicate with 8 academicians attended, and 14 experts jointly proposed "Accelerating Basic Research on Flow Chemistry"

On November 9, the "2020 Flow Chemistry Technology Symposium" organized by the Think Tank of Green Catalysis Experts, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School was held in Shenzhen Talent Research Institute of Guangdong Province. Green Catalysis Expert Think Tank Council Chairman He Mingyuan, Vice Chairman Wu Yundong and other 8 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 60 from Tsinghua, Fudan, Shanghai Jiaotong University, University of Science and Technology of China, Sichuan University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Scientists from the Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Dahua Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as scientists from Huahai Pharmaceuticals, Boten Pharmaceuticals, Taili Biotechnology, Shanghai Kesheng Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Shanghai Hequan Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Chengdu Astor Biotech The founders and chairman of pharmaceutical companies attended the meeting. Xiao Wenhua, the founder of Chemical Plus, was invited to attend the meeting as a representative of the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industry Internet and industry media representatives.

Participating experts conducted special seminars on the development of microchannel reaction technology, green technology, continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing, and microstructure reactor design and manufacturing and safe production, and discussed in depth the research and development and application prospects of flow chemistry technology and innovative cooperation mechanisms, and exchanged ideas to jointly build a national level Collaborative platform for mobile chemistry R&D and application technology.QQ截图20201116110329





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